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  • 设备标准
    Six standard

    We insist on the German precise dental standard and have signed a contract with many international dental equipment manufacturer to introduce the German dental equipment. Mastering the international technology is the our professional guarantee and Quality Service to customer.

  • 德国口腔标准
    German operational Standard

    The German expert team control the whole process, from examination, diagnosis to design of treatment plan, and consider fully the personal characteristics of the customer to develop a scientific and appropriate treatment program.

  • 德国诊疗标准
    German clinical standard

    rigorous preoperative examination is the precondition to ensure safe and efficient treatment. Especially dental implant surgery not only request experienced and skillful implantologies , but also need to assess the physical and oral condition of patient.

  • 德国牙科专家
    German disinfection standard

    Aseptic operation: a medical one to help a room with one shot of a needle disinfection, strict implementation of the 7 "one" safety guarantee, vacuum disinfection, disposable appliances. Let every doctor, nurse, cleaner must have strict implementation of aseptic process.

  • 材料选择
    German material

    The German materials with 3 C certification impede potential risk and are suitable for human intraoral tissue.

  • 德国牙科专家
    German postoperative guarantee

    We offer every Implant customer whole life service, one to one treatment from start to end and the newest dental technology.

  • 德国设备标准
  • 德国牙科操作标准
  • 德国口腔诊疗标准
  • 德国牙科消毒标准
  • 德国牙科材料标准
  • 德国牙科术后标准
  • 柏德环境
  • 柏德环境
  • 柏德设备
  • 柏德设备
  • 柏德环境
  • 柏德设备
  • 柏德环境
Berder environment / KaVo equipment

Berder Dental Clinic upholds the concept of preciseness, profession and share, practice German oral health Standard, offer exclusive oral health services for the elite and their families. Berder not only create a comfort and Excellent environment for you, but also select and use the Kavo equipment for you.